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Our Mission Is to Accelerate Innovation.


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We Take Pride in Our Data

Market data and record-breaking investments within the technology market strongly indicate the world’s most advanced countries and companies are squaring off for a piece of a 10 trillion dollar pie. A global $10 trillion technology market by 2025 means unprecedented demand for emerging technology and commercialized innovation. 

Why Work With Us


  • Generate the kind of future-proof value that helps secure buy-in from decision makers and industry stakeholders

  • Partner with Governments, Universities, Fortune 500 Companies and Big Tech to rapidly gain market entry

  • Get connected with financial partners for grants and loans which helps ease the burden of startup costs 

  • All-inclusive development in 90 days means from start to finish, from concept to customer for one price

  • Skip the trial and error phase. Launch a commercially viable tech startup or innovation program in 90 days.


VR Goggles

Who Hires Us.

We work with visionary founders, Innovation leaders, Governments, corporations, non-profits and forward-thinking organizations of all sizes. Our services solve core innovation challenges for our clients by ensuring industry buy-in, speeding up time to market and decreasing startup costs. 

Tech People

Why We Do it.

We believe technology, innovation and entrepreneurship has the power to improve people's lives.  This is why we are committed to supporting people and organizations that are focused on commercializing innovation for good, because we believe in making communities, cities and the world a better place for all. 

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Who we are.

We are an Economic Development Agency, mission-driven on improving people's lives by accelerating innovations and ventures that will change the world. 

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What we do.

We commercialize technology, empower entrepreneurship and accelerate innovation. We build startup accelerators, venture studios, entrepreneurship programs, corporate innovation programs and disruptive technology startups in 90 days.

We Work With the Very Best

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